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HyCare er en anerkendt metode indenfor landburg, som vi har opnået fantastiske resultater med. Det vigtigste emne i forhold til HyCare er hygiejne. Dyr som færdes i et sundt miljø lider af færre sygdomme og stress og være mere resistente. Derudover fører god hygiejne også til et faldene forbrug af antibiotika . Med vores demo og undersøgelsesfaciliteter kan vi konstant udvikle nye metoder til at forbedre vores koncept. I disse faciliteter underviser og oplærer vi partnere, forhandlere og kunder i brugen af HyCare konceptet.

HyCare Method

By now, HyCare is a proven method that puts health and animal welfare first without losing sight of the yields. By ensuring that the pigs stay in a germ-free environment continuously, a high level of animal health and technical results can be achieved continuously.

Piglets rearing

The well-thought-out HyCare method for weaned piglets ensures unrivaled health in this vulnerable animal category. This results in healthier, more vital piglets and that with much less antibiotic use. The animals develop better and more uniformly, so that strong flocks are delivered. The HyCare method for piglet rearing provides a strong basis for the animal.

Fattening pigs

The HyCare method for fattening pigs ensures that the pigs can stay for months in a healthy environment on the fattening pig farm. This not only produces a lower infection pressure, but also a higher yield. Antibiotic reduction, better technical results and lower feed costs all contribute to this. Due to the effective hygiene measures, the prevailing diseases - including Salmonella – can hardly spread throughout the farm. The cleaner stables and healthier animals ensure a stable working environment and a higher balance.

Research and Development

In our vision, an integrative preventive health management concept – such as HyCare – contributes to (further) reducing antimicrobial resistance and prevalence of zoonotic diseases, which are both concerns from a public health perspective. In addition, our motivation is that HyCare results in better life for the animals (welfare) and more profit for the farmers (economy). We are continuously working to optimize and substantiate HyCare in collaboration with universities, other companies and clients. A few examples are described in this article.